An American Food Retail Chain Supermarket Inventory Management


The client is a well-known food retail chain store in the United States, selling a wide variety of products, which requires a large inventory workload. In order to improve the comprehensive operation and management of its chain stores and enhance the efficiency of product inventory work, the client chose to equip more than 100 chain stores distributed in 30 towns with MUNBYN IPDA086 handheld mobile computers for inventory and management of chain store products.


1. Retail chain stores have a wide range of product categories, and the daily or periodic inventory workload is huge. The original manual counting method has many problems, such as low inventory efficiency, inaccurate data, and long time consumption.

2. It is difficult to find products in the store’s warehouse, and it is impossible to respond to customer needs in a timely manner, resulting in long waiting times for customers and low satisfaction.

3. The update of product inventory information is not timely, which can easily lead to problems such as shortages of popular products or unsalable expired products.

4. Chain stores cannot share inventory information directly, and headquarters cannot obtain the inventory status of goods in each chain store in a timely manner, which makes it impossible to schedule replenishment in a timely manner.

5. Headquarters cannot easily and timely obtain the sales situation of products in each chain store, which is not conducive to managers adjusting inventory allocation and related strategies in a timely manner according to the market.


In response to the problems and needs, our company has configured an intelligent application solution based on the MUNBYN IPDA086 smart handheld terminal application, which has successfully realized the informationization of product inventory and management. According to this solution, each item of goods is identified by barcode and included in the information management system. In the later inventory work, the inventory personnel only need to scan the product barcode information through the IPDA086 handheld terminal to quickly complete the inventory of goods, and then transmit the data in real-time through the wireless network.


1. It can achieve the inventory of a large amount of goods in a short period of time, and the system automatically counts the quantity of goods, greatly reducing the workload of workers.

2. By directly uploading inventory data to the ERP system through a handheld terminal, it avoids errors caused by manual data entry and improves accuracy and efficiency.

3. Real-time sharing of inventory data allows managers to timely understand inventory information, make timely management decisions, and achieve visual inventory management.

4. The informatization of merchandise management in chain stores has been realized, which helps to strengthen unified management of various stores, improve overall service quality and brand image, and attract more consumers.

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