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Communicate, capture, and process data all from one, ultra-durable mobile computer.

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A Better Way to Manage Your Warehouse

Say goodbye to bulky hardware and cumbersome wires.

MUNBYN rugged mobile device with integrated scanners combines everything you need to efficiently manage your warehouse in one, easily transportable and ultra-reliable device.

Capture barcodes, process data, and keep track of inventory without being tethered to a fixed location or carting around heavy equipment.

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Integrated Scanning

Capture barcodes easily with the built-in 1D/2D scanner. Reads worn tags and works even in low light conditions.

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Wireless Connections

Send, receive and process information in real-time while keeping employees connected with advanced Wi-Fi and 4G LTE capabilities.

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Inventory Tracking

Easily integrate with your existing management systems to accurately process and track inventory.

All Need. One Device


Rugged Construction

Unaffected by dust and water, able to work in extreme temperatures. Withstands drops, shocks and vibrations.


Large Capacity Battery

Powerful multi-shift battery keeps the device up and running for the longest workdays.


Lightweight Design

Slim and compact design. Lightweight and easy to transport. Forklift and vehicle mountable.


Mobilize Your Warehouse

Streamline your warehouse processes and manage operations efficiently using mobile computing technology.

Inventory management

All-in-one mobile computers help maximize productivity while reducing workload and eliminating errors. With accurate and up-to-date information on inventory locations and quantities from rugged equipment, you can better manage order fulfilment and reorder planning.

Accurate Tracking

Instant scanning enables you to automate processes such as verifying shipments, printing labels and checking truck assignments. Recording orders at every stage of fulfilment, from picking to delivery, enables you to provide accurate tracking information to your customers.

Easy To Use

MUNBYN mobile device features a familiar operating system, powered by Android. It provides employees with a clear and easy-to-use interface that enables them to quickly find what they need.

Increase Productivity

Mobile computing is the key point to reducing waste, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing efficiency. With significantly less time spent on tasks and instant visibility into all processes and inventory locations, warehouses operate most efficiently with less effort and less manpower.

Enhanced Mobility

Mobile computers eliminate the need for bulky hardware by combining data acquisition, computing, and communication applications in one easily transportable device. Unlike traditional barcode scanners, these devices allow you to accomplish any task from anywhere without the need for additional equipment. Enhanced mobility saves time and helps workers complete tasks more efficiently.

Important Insights

With mobile computers recording all warehouse operations and data, managers can access vital analytics and better understand the workflow. This enables them to make necessary changes and improvements where needed and enables them to build more efficient supply chains.


MUNBYN rugged mobile devices are designed for maximum durability, so they can be used throughout the logistics chain without damage, abort, or failure. This keeps your operations running smoothly and reduces the cost of equipment, which lasts much longer than standard tablets or handhelds.

IP65 / IP67

High-capacity Battery

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Recommend Reason: Come with a handle, which is suitable for scanning in dense task scenarios. They also have multiple buttons, making it convenient to input text data information, even when wearing gloves or with wet fingers.




Recommend Reason: With powerful UHF RFID reading capability, they can quickly and accurately read label information to meet the needs of high-frequency inventory.


Recommend Reason: The industrial tablet is equipped with a high-performance processor and large-capacity memory, which can quickly run warehouse management software to improve work efficiency and accuracy. In addition, it supports various scanning methods which can meet different warehouse management needs.

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