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MUNBYN handheld computer devices are equipped with barcode scanning, RFID reading and writing, GPS positioning, wireless communication technology, a smooth Android operating system, powerful battery life, and large storage capacity, perfectly meeting the needs of financial escort management. Banks can track where their cash boxes are, who owns them, and when they arrive.

Electronic Management of Cash Boxes
Cash boxes are equipped with electronic identity information using QR codes or electronic tags. By scanning the QR code/electronic tag with a PDA, the identity information of the cash box can be quickly and accurately confirmed, making the process fast, efficient, and reliable. The information added on the PDA can be automatically transmitted to the backend database, facilitating accurate tracking of the movement of bank cash boxes.

Personnel Identity Management
Intelligent personnel identification is achieved through PDA, which is a safer and more reliable method compared to traditional ones. This method avoids human judgment errors and ensures the security of personnel identity management.

Intelligent Management of Handover Process
Through PDA, quick personnel identity authentication and batch authentication of cash box identity information are carried out, optimizing the workflow and making the handover process faster, safer, and more accurate.

Real-time Monitoring of Cash Box Circulation
By utilizing PDA’s RFID tracking technology, real-time information tracking of cash box handover and cash logistics is achieved, allowing management personnel to monitor the entire cash box circulation process in real-time.

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Recommend Reason: The cash box is integrated with RFID tags, which require the use of RFID recognition technology for tracking. UHF RFID handheld terminals have high-frequency RFID recognition function and can accurately read tag information.

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