electric power solution

MUNBYN’s fully mobile ruggedized tablets and mobile computers provide efficient mobilization for telecommunications managers, field workers, and cable technicians. They can easily review and schedule service orders, communicate with colleagues and customers, navigate to job sites, and send and receive real-time status updates. For routine inspections, field workers only need to carry a portable and rugged mobile computer to receive tasks or report faults.

The rugged specs of these ultra-rugged PDAs and tablets make them ideal for field service, whether docked in a vehicle, mounted in a holster, or carried on the go. They can withstand repeated drops, strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, and exposure to dust and water. Additionally, their batteries last all day, ensuring uninterrupted work. These handheld devices are designed to meet the demands of a challenging work environment, providing reliable performance and durability to increase efficiency and productivity.


Handheld Rugged Computer for Field Workers

With powerful computing power and reliable, rugged construction, ultra-rugged tablets and PDAs help field technicians and engineers with a variety of tasks—including scheduling, inventory management, data collection, invoicing, and communications.


 Staffing And Data Tracking

Field service technicians are tasked with scheduling and delivering service and repairs in a timely and efficient manner. Rugged handheld devices help utility workers save time, maximize productivity and resources, and track data in compliance with regulatory requirements without adding labor.


Reliability And Efficiency

Outdoor work demands true ruggedness, and ultra-rugged PDAs and tablets deliver reliability and efficiency in any challenging environment. Telecommunications service technicians can install devices in vehicles or carry them with them to navigate to work locations, track work orders, enter data, and communicate work status.

electric power solution
electric power solution

Products Recommended


Recommend Reason: This handheld device is equipped with advanced RFID technology that enables it to quickly and accurately scan and collect data from a variety of UHF tags, making it an ideal tool for managing power assets.


Recommend Reason: With its full-screen design and support for Wi-Fi 6, it offers faster and more stable wireless data transmission.



Recommend Reason: MUNBYN rugged tablet is equipped with a powerful processor and high-speed memory, allowing for quick and accurate processing of large amounts of data and images. Its rugged design and materials enable it to withstand harsh environments and heavy use, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

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