The application of animal electronic identification technology is a trend in the development of animal husbandry and plays an important role in food safety supervision and inspection. MUNBYN’s solution integrates PDA, barcode, RFID, and network technology to help record and manage the entire process of animal breeding, slaughter, processing, transportation, and sales. It helps to create an efficient animal management system and provides complete traceability of animal food “from farm to table”. The solution provides a standard and effective system to protect animal farms from disease outbreaks.

Farm Management
Each animal is tagged with an RFID tag on its ear or foot at birth. From then on, the breeder can use the MUNBYN handheld device to continuously set, collect, and store information as the animal grows. Throughout the entire growth process from birth to slaughter, breeders use mobile data terminals to assist in tracking drugs, treatments, diseases, feed, weight gain, location, origin, and hundreds of other pieces of information. They can make faster and more accurate decisions for each animal based on clear electronic records. These electronic records reduce the workload on the farm, improve feeding accuracy, and eliminate paper-based manual operations.

Process Supervision
MUNBYN’s integrated solution provides traceability of animal food from production, processing, and transportation to sales points. Detailed records such as origin, name, model, grade, and price are written into RFID tags. Using MUNBYN’s RFID mobile data terminal, the detailed information from the farm to the slaughterhouse to the supermarket’s supplier is readily available by scanning the code on a small piece of meat in the supermarket. All information can be obtained through the backend database for full monitoring. Food safety supervision and inspection agencies can conduct spot checks at any time to strengthen food safety supervision and improve residents’ health index.

Delivery Management
To ensure full traceability, trays or boxes containing fresh meat are equipped with RFID tags before shipment. They are then sent to designated supermarkets or sales points along the predetermined route. MUNBYN PDA has a powerful GPS built-in, which can provide route planning for the driver and find the best route. The management center can monitor the fleet’s location in real-time. When the driver arrives at the delivery destination, the staff only needs to scan the RFID tag with the PDA to confirm receipt. MUNBYN’s solution realizes real-time tracking and monitoring of animal food distribution, improving the efficiency of delivery and reception.

Farm Management
Process Supervision
Delivery Management

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Recommend Reason: The device is equipped with UHF RFID technology, which is ideal for tracking and managing large herds of livestock. It can read and write data to RFID tags from a distance, making it easier to identify and track individual animals.

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