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Efficient warehouse management is crucial for avoiding supply shortages or surpluses. MUNBYN’s Android-based handhelds offer unparalleled data collection capabilities, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs. Real-time data allows warehouse managers to optimize replenishment schedules and speed up turnaround times.

Distribution Center

Streamline workflow and speed up operations by eliminating manual processes that slow down progress. With MUNBYN’s electronic asset tracking, distribution center operators will know accurate logistics information. Real-time data helps improve logistics visibility and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of work.

Fleet and Delivery

For fleet and delivery operations, MUNBYN offers nonstop optimization. GPS functionality accurately tracks driving routes and real-time data is sent to a backend server via 4G connectivity. Customers can access order status in real-time for added security. Electronic signature capture and mobile receipt capabilities ensure accurate handovers during pickup and delivery. 

Increase Logistics Intelligence and Maximize Flexible Mobility 



The handheld computer receives the purchase order and scans the product’s barcode/RFID tag for automatic verification.

Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking

MUNBYN RFID handheld PDAs promise fast and accurate inventory management.

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Use the MUNBYN Handheld Barcode Scanner to set the shortest pick paths and automatically verify transactions.



Quickly replace goods into the appropriate location via the MUNBYN handheld.

Warehouse Inspection

Warehouse Inspection

New maintenance information is entered into the RFID/barcode label on the device via the MUNBYN handheld scanner.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

MUNBYN vehicle-mounted computer monitors the behavior of drivers and passengers, and detect vehicle and cargo conditions.

Distribution Center

Distribution Center Management

Use the MUNBYN PDA to automatically verify loads and improve logistics accuracy.

Fleet and Delivery


Confirm delivery and pickup with an electronic signature on a MUNBYN mobile computer with barcode imager.

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Recommend Reason: The PDA is equipped with a handle, which is suitable for inventory scenarios that require frequent button scanning. The handle design provides better grip and comfort, making operations more efficient. In addition, MUNBYN handheld computer has a fast and stable data transmission function, greatly improving work efficiency.

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