Asset Inspection Management of a Chinese Power Company


A power company in China was facing challenges in managing their assets and ensuring their safety. The company had a large number of assets spread across a wide area, which made it difficult to manage and inspect them manually. The company needed a solution that would help them streamline their asset management processes and improve the efficiency of their inspections.


The power company faced several challenges in their asset inspection management. Firstly, manual inspections were time-consuming and prone to errors. Secondly, the company had to deal with a large number of assets, which made it difficult to keep track of them. Thirdly, the company had to ensure the safety of their assets, which required regular inspections and maintenance.


The power company decided to implement MUNBYN IPDA086 handheld computers to improve their asset inspection management. The handheld computers were equipped with barcode scanners and RFID readers, which made it easy to scan and identify assets. The IPDA086 also had a built-in camera, which allowed inspectors to take pictures of assets and record their condition.


The implementation of MUNBYN IPDA086 handheld computers had a significant impact on the power company’s asset inspection management. The handheld computers improved the efficiency of inspections, reduced errors, and enabled inspectors to identify and track assets more easily. The GPS tracking feature allowed the company to monitor the location of assets, which improved their security and reduced the risk of theft. 

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