Asset Management for a Private Bank


A Hong Kong private bank generates a large amount of cash flow every day between its bank vaults and branches. Choosing a reliable bank-specific barcode scanner is crucial. MUNBYN handheld computer adopts barcode scanning technology with powerful information storage capabilities, which perfectly meets the needs of financial escort management, allowing the bank to track where its money boxes are, who has the money boxes, and when the money boxes arrive. In order to optimize the money box escort process, they have adopted MUNBYN’s handheld computer to help them improve efficiency and enhance financial security.


Without using barcode scanners, traditional manual methods are laborious, inefficient, inconvenient, and most importantly, unsafe. This is reflected in the process of asset management (money box identification and tracking) and verification of the identity of money box escorts.


The bank deployed MUNBYN’s IPDA087 UHF handheld computer. Each money box is first equipped with a two-dimensional barcode or RFID tag, each containing unique information (total amount inside, serial numbers on all banknotes, source and destination of the money, who the money will be handed over to, etc.). With a simple wave, the unique information can be read and automatically transmitted to the backend database, facilitating accurate recording of the movement of bank money boxes. For efficient and accurate verification and confirmation of the identity of money box escorts, MUNBYN handheld computers first collect the fingerprints of the escorts, or in other words, assign a unique RFID tag to each person. All they need to do is to place their finger on the PDA or use the PDA to scan their tag to verify their identity.


This has changed the traditional manual operation mode of financial escort. The PDA can verify the identity of the escorts, avoiding human errors. Administrators can view real-time information such as automatically generated reports and money box tracking records, preventing security risks and improving scientific management level.

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