Logistics management of a transportation company in Poland


The logistics company in Poland is a professional transportation enterprise with a nationwide business scope covering freight, distribution, warehousing, and other services. The company has a large number of transportation vehicles and employees, but as business volume continues to grow, management difficulty also increases.


The main challenge facing the company is how to improve transportation and employee efficiency. As the number of transportation vehicles and employees increases in response to business volume, operating costs continue to rise. In addition, managing a large number of transportation vehicles and employees is also a huge challenge.


MUNBYN recommended the PDA-IPDA084 to meet the customer’s needs. The IPDA084 is an efficient and convenient mobile device suitable for various operations in transportation companies. It features multiple functions such as barcode scanning, data collection, GPS positioning, and is also waterproof, shockproof, and drop-resistant, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.


By using MUNBYN PDA, the company has achieved digitalization of transportation and employee management. Employees can use the device for cargo scanning, receipt, inventory management, and other operations, greatly improving work efficiency. In addition, the device can also perform real-time data collection and GPS positioning, achieving real-time monitoring and management of transportation processes. The implementation of these functions has greatly improved transportation and employee efficiency, and reduced operating costs and management difficulty.

IPDA86 handheld mobile computer


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Android 10

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Zebra SE4710

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Continuous Use >12 hours

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