Rugged Product for Outdoor Mapping Solution


With the advancement of science and technology, modern surveying and mapping technology is constantly developing, and outdoor operations have greatly increased the demand for precision and stability of surveying and mapping equipment in complex environments. Obstacles in dense forests, environmental disturbances, and complex terrains make it difficult to obtain high accuracy, all of which have brought various challenges to surveying and mapping workers.


1. Carry a lot of tools and record files, and record through paper or other media, then return to the work site to transcribe the PC, which will waste a lot of time or cause loss;

2. It is difficult to find accurate reference objects or points for marking, and setting the points too large can easily cause errors in surveying and mapping information;

3. There is no feature of outdoor landforms. After fixing points in the early stage, it is difficult to rediscover later and even needs to be relocated.


In response to the needs and challenges of surveying and mapping workers, MUNBYN recommends rugged tablet IRT04. In surveying and mapping, they can be used to implement various functions such as information collection and network communication, convenience and fast, high accuracy, and strong stability, bringing historic changes to the mapping operation.



Rugged Windows Tablet

Outdoor Mapping Solution1
Outdoor Mapping Solution2
Outdoor Mapping Solution3


1. Collect data such as the location on the move, and transfer it to the system through 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other functions at the same time to achieve accurate data in place;

2. An electronic tag is assigned to a specific point. The electronic tag is read by a rugged product, which is convenient for quickly determining the point information in the future;

3. GPS function, real-time update location information, view map or related information, facilitate the coordinated management of surveying and mapping work;

4. IP67 high protection level, can withstand 1.2M height drop, suitable for complex and harsh working environment.

Docking Charger

Docking Charger



Leather Cover

Leather Cover

Windows icon

Windows 10 PRO 64bit

MUNBYN cpu icon

Intel Cherry Trail Z8350

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Corning Gorilla Glass


Support GPS


IP67, MIL-STD-810G

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