Warehouse Management for Malaysian Online Shopping Mall


This is a online shopping company with extensive logistics infrastructure and experience. In order to better improve customer service, the company has chosen to configure MUNBYN IPDA086 UHF handheld terminals in warehouse management to more efficiently manage various goods.


1. Due to the wide variety of products and a large consumer base, the management of goods storage has become complex and the original management measures can no longer meet their needs.

2. The efficiency of warehouse input and output is low, and product sorting has a negative impact on the entire supply chain and consumer shopping experience.

3. The input information cannot be updated in a timely manner, affecting timely replenishment and easily causing backlog or shortage.

4. The delivery status of goods cannot be tracked, resulting in uncontrollable and delayed delivery times. Once an unexpected event occurs, it cannot be grasped in time.

5. Due to the lack of effective incentive mechanisms, warehouse personnel cannot be effectively supervised.


The staff uses the MUNBYN IPDA086 UHF terminal to scan barcodes or labels, which can easily obtain product information and complete corresponding work operations. And key information can be recorded through wireless networks for data analysis.


1. It increases the visibility of warehouse operation processes and improves the efficiency of logistics operations.

2. It realizes the automation of the sorting process, eliminates manual operations, and ensures a package sorting accuracy rate of 99%.

3. It records detailed work information such as work content, time, and responsible personnel for each link in real-time.

4. It strengthens the supervision of employees, helps establish a more complete personnel incentive mechanism, and further improves work quality.

5. It realizes national online interconnection, facilitates unified management of branch offices by headquarters, greatly improves the transmission speed between warehouses, and optimizes resource allocation.

6. It standardizes business processes, improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

7. It helps establish a more complete logistics distribution network system and provides faster delivery services for customers.

The successful application of MUNBYN IPDA086 UHF handheld terminals in warehouse management for the Malaysian online shopping mall has improved the efficiency of logistics operations and customer service levels, providing strong support for the company’s sustainable development.

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