Paperless Outdoor Office Environment for Construction


The company has many years of experience in the construction industry, but there are some problems in the management of construction plans and documents. The original management method was to use traditional paper documents, which not only wasted resources, but also was inconvenient for cooperation and communication among participating parties.


In outdoor construction environment, traditional paper document management has many problems, such as easy loss of documents, difficult sharing, searching and processing, etc. In addition, the outdoor environment also has many unfavorable factors, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, etc., which require high requirements for equipment.


To solve these problems, the construction company chose MUNBYN IRT07 rugged tablet as the solution. This device has features such as waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, etc., and can be used in harsh outdoor environments. At the same time, the device also has high resolution, high brightness, multi-touch and other features, which can meet users’ requirements for display effect.


By using MUNBYN IRT07 rugged tablet, the construction company has realized a paperless outdoor office environment, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing the use of paper documents. All participating parties can share, view and process construction plans and documents in an electronic way in a centralized location, and add comments to such documents and view the next construction activity. In addition, the device can also help management personnel better monitor workers, equipment and materials, track progress, arrange work and manage resources, improving work efficiency and accuracy.

MUNBYN IRT07 Rugged Windows Tablet


Windows icon

Windows 10 PRO 64bit

MUNBYN cpu icon

Intel JASPER LAKE N5100 processor


IP65, MIL-STD-810G

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