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electric inspections

Electricity Inspection Management

Use modern technology to realize intelligent management of electric inspections…

Southeast Asia Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Management

Southeast Asia Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Management

MUNBYN Rugged devices achieve various control purposes, production processes and scheduling management automation in tough environments…

Outdoor Mapping Solution

Outdoor Mapping Solution

MUNBYN rugged tablet meet the demand for precision and stability of surveying and mapping equipment in complex environments…

Engineering Construction Solutions

Engineering Construction Solutions

MUNBYN rugged tablet cooperated with customers’ systems and solutions to help them fully grasp the project progress on site…

Forklift Intelligent Management

Forklift Intelligent Management in US

Intelligent and automated management of forklifts with MUNBYN rugged industrial tablet…

Communication Base Station Management-2

Slovak Communication Base Station Management

MUNBYN recommends a rugged tablet to help build, maintain and manage communication base stations…

Timber Transport Management2

Timber Transport Management

It realizes the paperless operation of data collection, significantly improves efficiency, strengthens timber transportation management…

Intelligent Management of Rehabilitation Equipment1

Intelligent Management of Rehabilitation Equipment

MUNBYN tablet breaks the traditional mode of rehabilitation treatment to achieve quantitative rehabilitation assessment, training visualization, and intelligent management…

Oilfield equipment inspection1

Oilfield Equipment Inspection

This MUNBYN IRT04 rugged terminal effectively realizes the data collection of oil extraction and transmission pipelines and the real-time tracking and tracing of the inspector…

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